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Physical Function and Depression in Nursing Home Residents with Mild and Moderate Dementia

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Linda Aimee Hartford Kvæl

Linda Aimee Hartford Kvæl

PhD candidates Linda Aimée Hartford Kvæl concluded in a recent publication  based on data from 170 nursing home residents aged 60 to 100 with mild and moderate dementia that nursing home residents with dementia are a heterogeneous group in terms of demographic factors, depression and physical function.

Good physical function (muscle strength, balance and walking speed) was significantly associated with less depressive symptoms. By applying the Cornell Scale for Depression (CSDD)in Dementia, 23,5 % of the participants were classified as being depressed. The results revealed significant associations between higher scores on the CSDD (indicating more symptoms of depression) and lower scores on balance, muscle strength as well as maximum walking speed (indicating lower level of physical function).

Conclusion: Better muscle strength and balance, and higher walking speed were significantly associated with less depressive symptoms in a group of nursing home residents with dementia. The authors suggested intervention focusing on balance, muscle strength and mobility seems to be of importance for nursing homes residents. Read more

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