Co-creating the green shift in Oslo

Oslo has set itself high targets and will be a zero-emission city in 2030. Oslo was recently named Europe’s Green Capital for 2019. Oslo’s politicians believe climate goals can be reached. But the most important measures for a green change place high demands on comprehensive and coordinated climate change leadership, innovation and change in mobility, smart energy solutions, and urban development towards more environmentally friendly solutions.

CIENS and the Municipality of Oslo invites professional debate on how cooperation and co-creation between the public sector, industry, citizens and knowledge institutions can promote the green shift. Climate-friendly choices must be both economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and contribute to a viable and attractive city in accordance to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

We have chosen some key topics to focus on how co-creation can contribute to private and public innovation and value creation.

We ask:

  1. What are the main challenges for achieving a green change in current policy fields?
  2. How can co-creation promote innovation and conversion? What hinders co-creation?
  3. How do we build new arenas for co-operation between research, business, government and the inhabitants of Oslo?