A Complex Systems approach to Applied Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life, to solve societal problems with Living Technology, Design, and Art.

Our society and many of the systems that surround us are complex. Complex can be defined as “consisting of interconnected or interwoven parts”. To understand the behavior of a complex system we must understand not only the behavior of the parts but how they act together to form the behavior of the whole. Such emergent and self-organizing behavior is a bottom-up process.  The study of complex systems requires an interdisciplinary approach. To bridge the gap between theory and practice, and to find solutions to complex societal problems, we use Applied Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life methods, in combination with Design and Art. We aim at developing Living Technology, technology with properties of living systems (adaptation, self-organisation, evolution, learning).

11/05/2017 – 1st Workshop on “Autonomous and Adaptive Systems” – Program