DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens

Scientific Advisory Committee

Peter Blanck portraitUniversity Professor Peter Blanck
BBI, Syracuse University, N.Y., USA
Email: pblanck@syr.edu
University Professor at Syracuse University, and Chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University. An international leading expert on disability law and has written numerous articles and books on the Americans with Disabilities Act and related laws. He has been member of the Advisory Board, Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP); Expert Committee on Future of Deinstitutionalization and Community, Living in Israel; Board, Center for Law, Mental Health, and Ethics, USC, Los Angeles.
Ana Marta Guillén Rodriguez portraitProfessor Ana Marta Guillén Rodriguez
University of Oviedo, Spain
Email: aguillen@uniovi.es
Professor of Sociology in the University of Oviedo, Spain. She has researched and published extensively within comparative social and employment policy and on the impact of globalisation and Europeanization on national public policy. She has had a strong involvement in international and European research networks, e.g. Executive Committee Member of ESPAnet (The Network for European Social Policy Analysis) and the RECWOWE 6th FP Network of Excellence, ‘Reconciling work and welfare in Europe’.
Robert Salais portraitProfessor Robert Salais
Director CNRS, France
Email: rsalais@wanadoo.fr
Professor of Institutional Economics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (Paris) and is currently a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Nantes. One of the founders of the French school on the economics of conventions, he currently works on the economics of labour, on institutions and social justice, and on the development of the European political project in social and employment matters. From 2006 to 2010, he was the coordinator of the 6FP European Integrated Project, ‘CAPRIGHT: Resources, rights and capabilities: in search of social foundations for Europe’.
Marta Szebehely portraitProfessor Marta Szebehely
Stockholm University, Sweden
Email: Marta.Szebehely@socarb.su.se
Professor of Social Work. Research fields include gender, social policy and care in comparative and historical perspectives, especially the shifting boundaries between the family, the state and the market as providers of care, and how the everyday lives of care workers, frail older persons and their family members are affected by these changes. Has led a research programme: Transformations of Care: Living the consequences of changing public policies and is currently directing an international network on privatisation and marketisation of care.
Lisa Waddington portraitProfessor Lisa Waddington
Maastricht University, the Netherlands
Email: lisa.waddington@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Waddington holds the European Disability Forum Chair in European Disability Law, Maastricht University. Her principal area of interest lies in European disability law and European equality law. Between 2004 and 2007 she coordinated a large EU research and education project on European non-discrimination law. She is currently coordinating the Marie Curie Initial Training Network DREAM (Disability Rights Expanding Accessible Markets). She is a board member of a number of Networks and organisations, including the European Network of Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field and the Academic Network of European Disability experts.
Ewa Wapiennik portraitProfessor Ewa Wapiennik
Academy of Special Education, Warsaw, Poland
Email: wapiennik@aps.edu.pl
Deputy Professor at the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education, Warsaw. She has participated as expert in the study The Specific Risks of Discrimination Against Persons in a situation of major dependence or with complex needs (European Commission), and in the Thematic report on the implementation of EU Equality of educational and training opportunities in European countries with reference to equality for young disabled people.