DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens

Work Package 10: Policy lessons, recommendations and dissemination

Leader: Bjørn Hvinden, NOVA – The Norwegian Social Research Institute

Description: The consortium aims at the systematic development of policy lessons and recommendations, and the strategic communication of results via an effective dissemination plan. The consortium identifies alternative courses of action for the EU, the Member States and stakeholders at all levels of governance in promoting Active Citizenship, to maximise the overall impact of DISCIT.

Clear and dynamic focus on target groups and user needs
DISCIT will continuously involve the following stakeholders: the European Commission, Project Partners, Member States (government representatives), Organized Civil Society (DPOs and Service Providers), Scientific Community (students, junior and senior researchers), and the General Public.

Disability equality research
DISCIT will facilitate the participation of DPOs in all stages of the research project to ensure that persons with disabilities are not only considered as research objects but are provided real opportunities to participate as research subjects. By funding the active participation of DPOs in all stages of the research project, DISCIT will identify policy lessons and recommendations, and disseminate results in collaboration with European and National level DPOs. To achieve impact and identify solutions that may enhance Active Citizenship, DISCIT combines the expertise of European and National DPOs and the research community.

Working papers and dissemination material will be made available in accessible electronic formats, and will be published on here .