DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens

Work Package 2: Active Citizenship as a theoretical challenge

Leader: Bjørn Hvinden, NOVA – The Norwegian Social Research Institute

Description: First, WP2 provides an original analytical framework for understanding active citizenship and its interpretation in the context of persons with disabilities in Europe. WP2 introduces the DISCIT project by generating theoretical knowledge on Active Citizenship and related concepts such as capability, agency, empowerment and asset-based welfare. WP2 conceptualises active citizenship as a multidimensional phenomenon, conditioned by interacting institutional arrangements at different levels of governance.

Second, WP2 builds new and more precise knowledge about how selected European countries at different levels of governance deal with the challenges of ensuring Active Citizenship for persons with disabilities, building on the empirical results of WPs 4-9. The analysis of critical factors in meeting these challenges includes the impact of EU legislation and policies at national and sub-national level.

Third, WP2 concludes the project with an overall synthesis of policies for making Active Citizenship a reality for persons with disabilities in Europe, presenting a number of recommendations on how redefined institutional and multilevel arrangements can close current gaps between the goals embodied in the CRPD and the European Disability Strategy and the everyday experiences of persons with disabilities in Europe.

The video is closed captioned in English, and the transcript is available for download in Word and PDF.