DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens

Work Package 4: Active Citizenship in light of new Social Inequalities

Leader: Rafael Lindqvist, Uppsala University

Description: First, WP4 provides a state-of-the-art on the position of social services in the overall disability policy system. This includes examining how social services’ role in promoting Active Citizenship for persons with disabilities has been affected by deinstitutionalisation and community living, labour market and housing market changes and restructuring of other parts of public provision (e.g. education, health services, income maintenance). In addition, it examines the impact of the CRPD and the European Disability Strategy. We compare the support and assistance offered to men and women with psycho-social disabilities as a step towards the development of more relevant and user-responsive services.

Second, WP4 generates original knowledge about inequalities and changes in the living conditions, risk-exposure and the unmet needs and scope for exercising Active Citizenship among men and women with disabilities. We focus particularly on comparing the circumstances of men and women with psycho-social disabilities with those of men and women with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Third, WP4 establishes a better understanding on the changing social context of needs and requirements among men and women with psycho-social disabilities, emphasising whether social services provide appropriate support and adequate assistance. It examines whether the efforts relevant for welfare providers are coordinated, and how European and national policy frameworks affect priorities and practice. In addition we analyse to what extent neighbourhoods and civil society are cohesive and supportive and present proposals for how these services and efforts can become more appropriate, co-ordinated and sustainable.