DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens

Work Package 5: Active Citizenship as Labour Market Participation

Leader: Roy Sainsbury, The University of York

Description: First, WP5 provides a state-of-the-art on the labour market participation of men and women with diverse kinds of disabilities (physical, intellectual and psycho-social disabilities) and on the design, operation and interplay of policies at different levels of governance (international, European, national and sub-national) aiming at enhancing the employment of men and women with disabilities.

Second, WP5 generates original knowledge about inequalities and changes in the labour market situation and employment prospects among men and women with disabilities, with a particular focus on comparing the labour market situation and employment prospects of men and women with psycho-social disabilities with those of men and women with physical or intellectual disabilities, as a step towards the adoption of innovative and user-sensitive approaches to employment promotion.

Third, WP5 establishes a better understanding on the changing legal and socio-economic context of persistent employment gaps between persons without disabilities and persons with disabilities, and between persons with different disabilities, gender and age. WP5 will also analyse the interactions between on-going labour market restructuring, shift in job demands and transformation of the multilevel regulation of labour markets (e.g. flexibilisation of conventional employment protection versus a largely EU-driven introduction of non-discrimination legislation, reinforced by the current incorporation of CRPD-principles at national level), the varying meaning of appropriate (‘reasonable’) accommodation according to type of disability, and the scope for synergies between regulatory and redistributive instruments in promoting employment for persons with disabilities, as a platform for presenting proposals for more appropriate and differentiated services and more effective multilevel governance.

The video is closed captioned in English, and the transcript is available for download in Word and PDF.