DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens

Work Package 6: Active Citizenship as Community Living

Leader: Jan Šiška, Charles University

Description: First, WP6 gives a better understanding of how social reforms to enhance community living and societal changes affect the everyday life and living conditions of men and women with disabilities (physical, psycho-social, intellectual) in Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Sweden and the UK.

Second, WP6 produces new knowledge about the accomplishments, shortcomings and possible gaps in existing arrangements and potentials for improvements and better synergies, both horizontally (between services) and vertically (between international, European, national, federal/regional and local levels of governance), as a step towards making these arrangements more relevant and appropriate in the pursuit of community living.

Third, WP6 examines whether existing policies related to community living bring forth Active Citizenship for people with disabilities in Europe. In doing so we point out recommendations for how to redefine institutional and multilevel arrangements in order to make these more in line with the UN CRPD, and the European Disability Strategy, and the everyday experiences of persons with disabilities in Europe.