DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens

Work Package 7: Active Citizenship through the use of New Technology

Leader: Gerard Quinn, The National University of Ireland, Galway

Description: First, WP7 provides integrated knowledge of the regulatory forces, social and market factors which will have the desired impact on the inclusion of men and women with disabilities in Europe through the use of new technologies based on cross-national and multi-level analyses.

Second, WP7 generates original insight about diversity and change in the effective use of new technologies, with a special focus on comparing the experiences of three age cohorts of persons with disabilities, as a step towards the development of more user-responsive services for ensuring accessibility and availability of new technologies.

Third, WP7 gives a synthetic and new overview of the accomplishments, shortcomings and possible gaps in existing arrangements and potentials for improvements and better synergies, both horizontally (between assistive technology delivery system and social regulation of the technology market to ensure accessibility of new products) and vertically (between international, European, national, federal/regional and local levels of governance), with the aim of making these arrangements more relevant and appropriate in the pursuit of full accessibility and innovative use of new technologies.

The video is closed captioned in English, and the transcipt is available for download in Word and PDF.