DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens

Work Package 8: Active Citizenship by Fiscal Innovation

Leader: Gerard Quinn, The National University of Ireland, Galway

Description: First, WP8 provides a detailed and comparative account of the potential poverty traps and barriers to economic independence for men and women with disabilities in existing redistributive systems for cash transfers throughout Europe, as a step towards making the European Social Model more effective and sustainable.

Second, WP8 generates new knowledge about asset-building mechanisms which combat poverty and strategies for financially sustainable wealth accumulation which enhance economic independence for persons with disabilities to strengthen the European social model.

Third, WP8 establishes a better understanding of the respective roles of the EU and its member states in developing, promoting and implementing asset-building models for persons with disabilities to facilitate independent living.

The video is closed captioned in English, and the transcipt is available for download in Word and PDF.