DISCIT Making persons with disabilies full citizens


Books and articles

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Final reports

Policy Briefs Work Package 10

  • Final Discit European Policy Brief «New Knowledge for an Inclusive and Sustainable European Social Model» (English PDF)
    (Also available in Czech PDF, German PDF, Italian PDF, Norwegian Bokmål, Serbian PDF, Swedish PDF)
  • D.10.2 Summary of the findings of the Final Conference «New Knowledge for an Inclusive and Sustainable European Social Model» (Available in English. September 2015)
  • «Active Citizenship as Political participation» – D.10.8 – (Available in English. September 2015)
  • «Active Citizenship by Fiscal innovation» – D.10.8 – (Available in English.  September 2015)
  • «Active Citizenship through the use of new technologies» – D.10.8 – (Available in English.  September 2015)
  • «Second general policy brief» – D.10.7 – (Available in Czech, English, German, ItalianNorwegian BokmålSerbian, Swedish.  December 2014)
  • «General policy brief available in accessible electronic format and in the national languages of the NSCs» – D.10.5 – (Available in Czech, English, German, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Serbian, and Swedish. April 2014)
  • «Change and current status in the life course of persons with psycho-social disabilities» – D.10.6 – (Available in English. September 2014)
  • «Diversity and change in the labour market careers of persons with disabilities» – D.10.6 – (Available in English. September 2014)
  • «Active citizenship as community living» – D.10.6 – (Available in English. September 2014)

Working Papers

Work Package 2 «Active Citizenship as a Theoretical Challenge»

Work Package 3 «Active Citizenship as a Challenge for Operationalisation and Measurement»

Work Package 4 «Active Citizenship in the Light of New Social Inequalities»

Work Package 5 «Active Citizenship as Labour Market Participation»

Work Package 6 «Active Citizenship as Community Living»

Work Package 7 «Active Citizenship Through the Use of New Technologies»

Work Package 8 «Active Citizenship by Fiscal Innovation»

Work Package 9 «Active Citizenship as Political Participation»

Work Package 10 «Policy Lessons, Recommendations and Dissemination»

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