Jan 05

Call for session propsals- 11th ESPAnet Italy Conference, 13-15 September 2018

Session proposals for the eleventh  ESPAnet-Italy annual conference “Beyond Continuity. Challenges to Welfare in a Globalized World” can be in English or Italian.

The conference will be hosted by the University of Florence, at the “Polo delle Scienze Sociali”.

Deadline for session proposals is 20 January 2018.

The committee suggests the following  themes for session proposals:

– Financial sustainability and adequacy of social protection systems
– Advocating rights for “invisibles”
– Role, competences, and training of social workers in the face of current emergences
– Globalization and changing labour markets and labour rights
– Social citizenship, multiethnic society, and the struggle against inequality
– Technological innovation: challenges and opportunities for healthcare systems
– New trends and orientations in social inclusion policies
– Changes in poverty and inequality ten years after  the Great Recession
– Family policies and life-course choices in a context of rising uncertainty
– Social policies in a long-term perspective
– The public-private welfare mix: actors, strategies, and prospects
– Solidarity, democracy, and competition
– The impact of technological change on social protection systems
– Aging populations and pension systems
– The European Union and national social protection systems

Session proposals can also address other topics or combine two or more of the above topics.

Session proposals should promote inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches, and should be sent to the following email address: espanet2018@gmail.com by 20 January  2018. Acceptance will be notified by 10 February  2018

Link to the conference webpage: http://www.espanet-italia.net/conferenza-2018