Open letter from the ESPAnet Board to the Hungarian Prime Minister regarding the planned ban on gender studies in Hungary.

To: Prime Minister of Hungary, Mr. Viktor Orbán

 Dear Prime Minister,

We have been informed that a government decree enacted without previous consultation with the interested parties has been sent out ordering the closure of the teaching of gender studies in Hungarian universities.

This ordering seems to us a major attack on social science. Gender research form an integral part of studying inequalities and as such are central to sociological and social policy analysis. Gender studies have contributed greatly to our understanding of economy, contemporary society, welfare state transformation and inequalities of paid and unpaid labor between women and men. Without research on gender it is impossible to understand women’s contribution to the development of welfare states around the world.

Therefore we sincerely hope that the Hungarian government will withdraw this decree and secure academic freedom in Hungary that is a central value of European societies.

17th August, 2018

 The Board of ESPAnet