ESPAnet Italy 2019 Conference – Call for session proposals

The 12th ESPAnet-Italy Conference “Territorial Welfare: (de-)globalizations, innovative and reactionary outcomes”. 19-21 September 2019 in Urbino Italy. Deadline for session proposals 21 january 2019.  

The conference will be hosted by the University of Urbino (Department of Economy, Society, Politics).  The organizing committee suggests the following selection of themes for session proposals:

·         social policies facing new political instability;

·         changes in the culture of politics and their effects on policy decisions;

·         marginalized people, their rights, and social citizenship;

·         balancing social protection between old and new needs;

·         the room for institutionalizing social innovations, including negotiations and conflicts;

·         grassroots mobilizations for the protection and definition of new welfare measures;

·         roles, skills, and training of social workers and other professionals facing new needs and policy                  change;

·         multilevel governance and coordination of national and international social welfare policy;

·         welfare spaces and places, also from the point of view of city planning and architecture;

·         the transformation of spatial unevenness and related welfare responses;

·         the future of Europe as an actor in welfare policy making and in relation to national systems of                  protection;

·         new trends in social inclusion policies;

·         policy-specific (e.g. health, poverty, immigration, family, education) changes related to general trends        in social change.

·         evidence-based policy-making;

·         technological changes and their effects on work, welfare and citizenship.

 However, session proposals can also address other topics or combine two or more of the topics above.

Session proposals should promote inter and multi-disciplinary approaches.

Send proposals by January 21st  2019 to the following email address:

 Acceptance will be notified by February 11th 2019

For further information, check                                                 (Tabs for information in English are on the right hand side of the conference homepage)

For the organizers

Eduardo Barberis
Università di Urbino Carlo Bo