Seminars & Conferences

‘Thematic’ or ‘expert’ seminars and conferences are events organised either solely by ESPAnet or ESPAnet National Associations, and often jointly by ESPAnet and another organisation or network. Seminars and conferences tend to be devoted to a particular topic, theoretical perspective or methodological issue. Often based on invitations to speakers and discussants seminar organisers are generally open to additional participants interested in the seminar’s theme.





Past Seminars

Eleventh ESPAnet-Italy annual Conference                  Beyond Continuity: Challenges to Social ProtectionSystems in a Globalized World University of Florence, 13-15 September 2018 Six panels in English:  Panel 1: Social investment in different socio-economic contexts: what preconditions? What impacts? (Chairs: Y. Kazepov and  C. Ranci). Panel 8: The rise of …