Seminars & Conferences

‘Thematic’ or ‘expert’ seminars and conferences are events organised either solely by ESPAnet or ESPAnet National Associations, and often jointly by ESPAnet and another organisation or network. Seminars and conferences tend to be devoted to a particular topic, theoretical perspective or methodological issue. Often based on invitations to speakers and discussants seminar organisers are generally open to additional participants interested in the seminar’s theme.




 10th ESPAnet Italia Conference 21-23 September, Bologna “Welfare and Globalization: Social Policies Facing New and Old Inequalities” Streams in English and Italian. Link to descrpition of streams here Information about submission of abstracts here Deadline for abstracts: 31 May 2017 Link to conference homepage here For further information contact the conference committee: 4th International ESPAnet- Poland Conference …

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Past Seminars

The 3rd Transforming Care Conference “Innovation and Sustainability” will be held at Polytechnic of Milan, Italy 26-28 June 2017. The conference focusses on care policies and practices for children, older people and people with disabilities. The conferences series will be held every two years, alternatively in Milan and Copenhagen (2019). The 2017 conference focuses on the tensions between …

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