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International conference 5 April 2017 in Utrecht (the Netherlands)

Barriers to Family Diversity? Policies, Practices and Challenges

Organised by bEUcitizen (Utrecht University) and the European Social Policy Analysis Network (ESPANet)

This interdisciplinary one-day conference brings together scholars, policymakers and practitioners interested in family diversity – its causes, its consequences, and the policy challenges it creates at national and European levels. The conference is divided into two sessions. During the morning session, the conference will look at major developments in relation to family diversity trends and European practices. In the afternoon, we will look at challenges to European policies in relation to citizenship rights of diverse families. The closing keynote and discussion is aimed at understanding what barriers exist for family diversity from a human rights perspective and how policy might address these barriers. The workshop will offer a mix of plenary speakers and panel sessions. During the panel sessions, researchers from various fields (social policy, sociology, public health, law) will present recent research findings on these topics.

When: Wednesday, 5 April, 2017 from 9:30-16:30 (followed by drinks)

Where: Utrecht, the Netherlands. The conference will take place at the Sonnenborgh Observatory in the centre of Utrecht (Zonnenburg 2, 3512 NL Utrecht)

Cost: The conference is free of charge, but registration is required.

Registration: To register, please send an email to Mara Yerkes: M.A.Yerkes@uu.nl

Registration deadline: 31.March 20I7

 More information:

For more information and the final program, please go to:  https://www.uu.nl/en/events/international-conference-barriers-to-family-diversity-policies-practices-and-challenges


Conference May 19th, 2017 in Finland
Finnish Centre for Pensions, Helsinki

Changing labour markets, life-course and pensions 

The one-day conference, organized by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, will bring together top researchers and professionals to debate this highly topical issue.

Keynote speakers: Anna D’Addio (OECD), Joakim Palme (University of Uppsala), Traute Meyer (University of Southampton), Dirk Hofäcker (University of Duisburg-Essen), Kathrin Komp (University of Helsinki) and comments by stakeholders.

Link to Conference website:  http://www.etk.fi/en/research-2/research/seminars/conference-2017/

International Experts Workshop May 25-26 2017 in Madrid    

Funcas c/Caballero 17de Gracia n. 28, Madrid Spain


Organised by European Social Policy Network (ESPAnet); Red Española de Política Social (REPS) and Institut de Govern I Polítiques Públiques (IGOP/UAB)

Coordinator: Margarita León, (UAB) (margarita.leon@uab.cat)

The number of places in the workshop is limited. Participation in the workshop is free of cost.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send an email to the coordinator Margarita Leon: margarita.leon@uab.cat

 Deadline for registration is 21st of April 2017


 Japan Association for Social Policy Studies (JASPS) Conference June 3-4 2017, Tokyo

JASPS is one of the oldest academic associations in Japan in the areas of labor/industrial relations and social policy studies, and started exchanges of scholars with ESPAnet from 2013. In 2015 there were two exchange sessions of JASPS-ESPAnet, and four papers by ESPAnet members were presented.

JASPS-ESPAnet exchange sessions are planned for the JASPS 2017 spring conference. In these sessions (planned to be held on June 4), all papers will be presented and discussed in English, and a relatively small numbers of presenters (both from ESPAnet and JASPS) will exchange opinions and comments based on presented papers.

For more information, go to the JASPS website  or the JASP Call for papers

Foundation for International Studies on Social Security (FISS) Conference 5-7 June 2017 – Sigtuna, Sweden

This year’s conference will provide an opportunity to reflect on how social security systems are responding to the many challenges they face, including growing inequality, the adverse impacts of poverty in all its dimensions, the equitable treatment of vulnerable groups, the changing nature of work, the aftermath of the financial crisis, and political uncertainty and instability. How are these factors impacting on social security systems and what reforms are being implemented to address them? What role can research play in identifying problems and designing solutions? What can individual countries learn from the experience of others about how to understand the nature of current problems, their underlying causes and the effectiveness of alternative solutions? Is there a need to explore more radical solutions to what appear to be a growing number of complex problems?

As in the past, the conference will provide a robust but relaxed forum for researchers and policy makers to come together to discuss these and other issues related to the design, financing, delivery and impact of social security provisions – broadly defined to include health care systems.

Keynote speakers:
o Philippe Van Parijs – Hoover Chair of Economic and Social Ethics, Catholic University of Louvain
o Elsa Fornero – Professor of Economics, University of Turin
o Qin Gao – Associate Professor of Social Policy and Social Work, Columbia University
o John Hudson – Professor of Social Policy, University of York

More information is available at the FISS website.

The FISS/Intersentia Best Paper Prize will be awarded to the contributed paper assessed as best from among those presented at the conference. Judging will be conducted by a sub-set of the FISS Board of Governors who will be attending the conference. The winner will receive 500 Euros and the paper will be published in The European Journal of Social Security (subject to satisfying the journal’s refereeing process).


The 3rd Transforming Care Conference “Innovation and Sustainability” will be held at Polytechnic of Milan, Italy 26-28 June 2017.

The conference focusses on care policies and practices for children, older people and people with disabilities. The conferences series will be held every two years, alternatively in Milan and Copenhagen (2019).

The 2017 conference focuses on the tensions between policy and social innovation in care policies on the one hand, and pressures for financial and social sustainability of care systems on the other. Care policies not only need to respond to changing care needs, but also to be financially and socially sustainable, also in a long-term and inter-generational perspective, and from the perspectives of care users, their families and paid care workers. This is a difficult challenge for policies as well as for informal and formal care practices, with strong implications as to how care services and care work are organized and provided.

Four main dimensions of transforming care are addressed in the conference through parallel thematic panels:

–   Changes in the institutional setting of care systems and in care policy       –   The impact and dilemmas of social and policy innovation in care services –   Changes in intergenerational care arrangements and informal care          –   Transformations affecting care workers and their working conditions

Keynote speakers:

Prof. August Oesterle (Vienna University of Economics and Business)    Long-term Care and Social Sustainability

Prof. Chiara Saraceno (Collegio Carlo Alberto di Torino)              Sustainability in social care: a twofold perspective

More information at the conference website: http://www.transforming-care.net.

For further information please contact: conference2017@transforming-care.net

Information about accepted papers will be sent April 7th 2017 


Conference organizers: 

Prof. Tine Rostgaard, KORA – Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research, DK

Prof. Costanzo Ranci, Social Policy Lab, Polytechnic of Milan, IT