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The 3rd Transforming Care Conference “Innovation and Sustainability” will be held at Polytechnic of Milan, Italy 26-28 June 2017.

The conference focusses on care policies and practices for children, older people and people with disabilities. The conferences series will be held every two years, alternatively in Milan and Copenhagen (2019).

The 2017 conference focuses on the tensions between policy and social innovation in care policies on the one hand, and pressures for financial and social sustainability of care systems on the other. Care policies not only need to respond to changing care needs, but also to be financially and socially sustainable, also in a long-term and inter-generational perspective, and from the perspectives of care users, their families and paid care workers. This is a difficult challenge for policies as well as for informal and formal care practices, with strong implications as to how care services and care work are organized and provided.

Four main dimensions of transforming care are addressed in the conference through parallel thematic panels:

–   Changes in the institutional setting of care systems and in care policy       –   The impact and dilemmas of social and policy innovation in care services –   Changes in intergenerational care arrangements and informal care          –   Transformations affecting care workers and their working conditions

Keynote speakers:

Prof. August Oesterle (Vienna University of Economics and Business)    Long-term Care and Social Sustainability

Prof. Chiara Saraceno (Collegio Carlo Alberto di Torino)              Sustainability in social care: a twofold perspective

More information at the conference website: http://www.transforming-care.net.

For further information please contact: conference2017@transforming-care.net

Information about accepted papers were sent April 7th 2017 

Conference organizers: 

Prof. Tine Rostgaard, KORA – Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research, DK Prof. Costanzo Ranci, Social Policy Lab, Polytechnic of Milan, IT


10th ESPAnet Italia Conference 21-23 September, Bologna

“Welfare and Globalization: Social Policies Facing New and Old Inequalities”

Streams in English and Italian. Link to descrpition of streams here

Information about submission of abstracts here

Deadline for abstracts: 31 May 2017

Link to conference homepage here

For further information contact the conference committee: espanetbofo2017@gmail.com

4th International ESPAnet- Poland Conference in Wroclaw 25-27 September 2017

“Social Policy: Controversies and Paradoxes”

Extended dealine for registration and payment: 26th June 2017

Streams in English and Polish, list of streams here

All the details about the conference can be found at: http://espanetpolska2017.ue.wroc.pl/index.php?id=6

For more information and abstract submisson send an e-mail to: espanetpolska2017@ue.wroc.pl