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6th REPS (ESPAnet Spain) conference 16-17 February 2017, Sevilla Spain

The conference theme is “Dealing with the future. Towards a new agreement on Welfare.”

More information about the conference at: http://reps-sevilla.com                            Note: the conference webpage is in Spanish.

Deadline for full texts: January 20, 2017

Two panels have papers in English. These are panels:                                             5.1) Assessing changes and outcomes of Family Policies                                           7.2) On developments in the field of minimum income in Southern Europe.


Conference May 19th, 2017 in Finland
Finnish Centre for Pensions, Helsinki

Changing labour markets, life-course and pensions 

The one-day conference, organized by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, will bring together top researchers and professionals to debate this highly topical issue.

Keynote speakers: Anna D’Addio (OECD), Joakim Palme (University of Uppsala), Traute Meyer (University of Southampton), Dirk Hofäcker (University of Duisburg-Essen), Kathrin Komp (University of Helsinki) and comments by stakeholders.

Link to Conference website:  http://www.etk.fi/en/research-2/research/seminars/conference-2017/

Japan Association for Social Policy Studies (JASPS) Conference June 3-4 2017, Tokyo

JASPS is one of the oldest academic associations in Japan in the areas of labor/industrial relations and social policy studies, and started exchanges of scholars with ESPAnet from 2013. In 2015 there were two exchange sessions of JASPS-ESPAnet, and four papers by ESPAnet members were presented.

JASPS-ESPAnet exchange sessions are planned for the JASPS 2017 spring conference. In these sessions (planned to be held on June 4), all papers will be presented and discussed in English, and a relatively small numbers of presenters (both from ESPAnet and JASPS) will exchange opinions and comments based on presented papers.

For more information, go to the JASPS website  or the JASP Call for papers