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Workshop for PhD students: “Life-course influences on retirement:the perspectives of researchers and stakeholders” 

May 17-19, 2017 Helsinki, Finland,

Helsinki University and the Finnish Center for Pensions organize the workshop.

Population ageing draws more and more attention to retirement. On the one hand, the number of retirees increases and retirement becomes a more prominent part of life. As a result, people nowadays develop a distinct retirement lifestyle and retirees become more diverse. On the other hand, societies, states and markets need to adapt to the increasing number of retirees, for example by reforming pension policies. Life-course scholars underline that the situation in old age depends on what happened earlier during people’s lives. In other words: to understand retirement we need to look at people’s youth and middle-age, and to influence retirement we need to start at an early age. This workshop explores life-course influences on the different aspects of retirement. Example topics are:

  • how working careers influence retirement age and pensions,
  • how childhood living conditions influence health and well-being after retirement,
  • how cumulative (dis)advantages shape social inequalities in retirement,
  • how life-course influences affect care arrangement and family structures during retirement, and
  • how social policies shape life-course influences on retirement.


How to apply

The workshop is designed for PhD students and junior researchers. The participants do not need to have any prior experience with stakeholder engagement. To apply for the workshop, submit an abstract (max. 250 words) until February 01, 2017. The abstracts can describe quantitative, qualitative or conceptual studies. The selected participants will have to submit a complete manuscript by May 01, 2017. The manuscript can either be the draft for an article or a chapter from a dissertation. The participation fee is 150 Euros. This fee includes the workshop participation, workshop material, and lunch and refreshments during the breaks.

Link to workshop info. page: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/komp/?page_id=78