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Preparing for Professional Practice program (PPP)

The Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (OAUC) aims to offer professional education based on high quality research and a strong orientation towards professional practice. The Preparing for Professional Practice program (PPP) is an institutional initiative established to support this objective.

PPP focuses on key dimensions of professional education, such as the relevance of education for professional practice, the relationship between education and professional practice, and the integration of different forms of knowledge within educational programs. We pursue these themes through three strands of work:

  • Research projects
  • Development projects
  • Initiatives to strengthen and develop educational practices

We work closely with the educational programs and students at OAUC to support selected research and development projects, develop new and innovative approaches to teaching, and to document and systematise existing initiatives and experiences. We also support network building and experience sharing across the educational programmes at the College. These activities are organised around three thematic areas:

  • The relationship between education and work
  • Student involvement in research and education
  • Integration in professional education

Our Norwegian language program includes a seminar series, a blog, and a variety of research and development projects.

Head of program: Anton Havnes (Centre for the Study of Professions)

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