5th and 6th of March - IFLA SIG - On Library Publishing - in Oslo

IFLA Mid Term Meeting - Day 1

IFLA Mid Term Meeting - Day 2




During conference day two, we are going to have a Break Out Session. This means that we will arrange 8-10 parallel sessions.

If you have a great idea for a project, a startup, a workshop, or in need of research partner. Maybe you would like to use our studio to make a film with your fellow colleges? Or maybe you just want to discuss a hot topic within the field of library publishing?

We will help you with arranging group interactivity, workshops, focus-groups, help with screens, studio facilities and more if needed.

Send us your idea!

The conference participants can sign up for the break out session they are most keen to attend, the sign up will open on day one of the mid term meeting.



IFLAs  Special Interest Group on Library Publishing ( SIG Library Publishing) invites you to attend the annual Midterm Meeting at OsloMet — Oslo Metropolitan University in Oslo, Norway. Get inspiration for the future work with library publishing and meet up with colleagues and friends from all over the world at the same time.

On Library Publishing

Library publishing (including new-model university presses housed in libraries) is a growing activity in many countries around the world.  The IFLA SIG aims to bring together experienced practitioners and would-be publishers to build network, to share information and advance this exciting field of endeavor. New and emerging library publishers will gain insight into the experiences and practices of established presses, and all attendees will learn from new and innovative approaches. The presentations from both sides and the ensuing discussions will advance the excellence and sustainability of library publishing ventures



The aim of the event is to bring together a broad spectrum of publishing programs, to exchange knowledge, present good practice and to foster networks and mentoring relationships among library publishers at all stages, also highlighting the important role that the Library Publishing Coalition plays in this regard.

Important dates

Library Publishing

  • January 1st, 2020

  • Mid January

  • Mid January

  • 25th of February


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