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Tunisia: Safety for journalists in hostile environment

Tunisian journalist students took part in a three day training in safety (Photo: Hanene Zbiss)

Journalists and students from Institut de Presse et Sciences de l’Information (IPSI) in Tunis attended a training 13 – 15 February on “Safety for journalists in hostile environment”.

The training was animated by Abeer Saady, the main trainer, Marte Høiby, doctoral researcher and trainer in journalist safety and Amine Ben Massoud, doctoral researcher in media and communication sciences, and trainer in investigative journalism and field journalism.


Global media report in Arabic

Representative of the Prime Minister of Palestine, Minister of Justice Dr. Ali Abu Diak during his opening speech (Photo: Rua´a Makhlouf)

The Arabic version of UNESCOs World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development Global Report (2017/2018) has been launched at An-Najah National University in Nablus in Palestine.   

The launch was a cooperation between UNESCO, the university and JMIC – which has also supported the Arabic translation. 


Lecturing in Oxford

Elisabeth Eide

JMICs director, Elisabeth Eide, lectured at a Conference organized by The Association of Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe on January 25th (2018). The full-week Conference title was “Freedom of Speech, Media and Society”. Eide’s lecture: “Transnational Navigation: Modern Citizenship, Journalism and New Media Challenges”, was followed by a lively Q&A-session.

Terror in Kabul

Baburs hage, Kabul. Photo: Elisabeth Eide

After days of terror in Kabul: Here is a comment from the director of of NAI Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, JMICs main partner in the country:

It is nightmare that we are witnessing even we are awake, we are witnessing all day long and even during nights. But, we are still alive, more than a hundred were killed and almost two hundreds were injured, but it is not stopping us to move ahead. I was gathering a group of people and all last night knocking hospitals’ doors for donating blood. It is hard but I, my family and my colleagues and thousands of others are going ahead believing that we should pave the ground for future generations to live in peace. We believe we can do it and indeed we are obliged to do it.” Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar

Access to information in South Asia

The participants from seven countries after the training (Photo CIJ-N)


Around thirty journalists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Norway were gathered in Kathmandu17 and 18 January.

The aim was to learn about access to information as a journalistic tool and to exchange experiences from their own practice. The workshop was the first such regional training.

It was organized by the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) Nepal in collaboration with Article 19 South Asia and Journalism and Media International Center (JMIC) at Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA).


New board of JMIC

Journalism and Media International Center – JMIC – the short name, now has this board:


Anne Hege Simonsen from the Department of Journalism and Media Studies is the head.  

Ann-Helén Bay is representing the Faculty of Social Sciences.  

Atta Ansari is an investigative journalist from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

Substitute members of the board are Steen Steensen and Kristin Skare Orgeret from the Department of Journalism and Media Studies and Amund Bakke Foss from the media company Verdens Gang (VG).

One of the first tasks of the  new board has been to develop a platform and guidelines for the center.

More about the university college, which will be a university in 2018

Focus: Investigative journalism


Hamida El Bour is the Director of L’Institut de presse et des sciences de l’information (IPSI) at Université de la Manouba

Journalists from Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia came to Tunis 6-7 December to attend a workshop in investigative journalism.


Social media discussions in North Africa

Participants after the opening of the international workshop 28th – 29th of November (Souhir Chaabani, CAWTAR journalist)

Journalists and researchers from Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Norway met in Tunisia 28th – 29th of November to discuss “Social Networks and Freedom: Challenges of the Maghreb”.


Third prize in College Photographer of the Year

He received the price for the story about the 9-year-old Chinese ping-pong-talent Huang´s life as a student at Dondan Academy in Beijing (the film)

The video was a part of his graduation project created during the course in International Reporting, which is a part of the Bachelor’s Programme in photojournalism.

The College Photographer of the Year (COPY) competition is the world’s biggest photojournalistic competition for college students.

The jury had to go through 11 000 images and 140 multimedia projects entered by 494 student photographers from 123 colleges and universities in 22 countries  (read more) 


Albania re-visited

Rune Ottosen to the right, Besnik Baka in the middle and Richard van der Brink to the left – with the new Albania book on the table.

As a former tourist in the country, Ottosen talked about his blindness for oppression. Together with Besnik Baka, an Albanian journalist and translator, he has documented oppression, political assassinations and imprisonment during the regime of Enver Hoxha.