Gender, media and journalism

Research from a majority of the world’s countries (GMMP reports, ) has shown that women are seriously underrepresented in both traditional media and “new” media, and that they are often subject to stereotyped reporting. We are also concerned with marginalization of ethnic and religious minorities, people with disabilities, and sexual minorities. Which media processes are at play when people are overlooked and their experiences ignored? Which role do the journalistic institutions play in recruitment, priorities and policy? JMIC staff have long experiences in research on these themes, and have conducted courses at the international level, based on co-operation with local partners.

The Department of Journalism and Media Studies offers a course at MA level on Gender, Journalism and social media Spring 2018. Through this course the students acquire an overall insight in both the historical development of media and the social construction of gender, and the impact of gender for different media Expressions, not least social media. Contact Elisabeth Eide (