Journalism, media and climate change

Climate change is one of the major challenges facing people across the world. A vast majority of scientists agree that human-made climate change is an important factor threatening the planet’s future, while measures to stop or modify climate change are not taken seriously enough. Which roles do media and journalism play in this respect, and what role can they play in the future to communicate climate science and alerting people of the challenges linked to the Paris agreement (2015)? How can media connect people’s everyday experiences to the global climate processes? JMIC staff have been involved in research on these and related issues for ten years, and we offer courses tailored to local needs and perspectives.

The Department of Journalism and Media Studies offers a course at BA level on Climate Change Journalism. The lectures focus on climate change and societal transformation -the economical, political, technological and ethical aspects.  The students are encouraged to pursue a wide range of topics related to climate change and societal transformation, from human health to species migration. Read more.