Represents the World Press Photo Jury

Assistant professor, Jon Petter Evensen. Photo: Ellen Lande Gossner / HiOA

The contest is open for entries from 1 December until 4 January 2018, and the judging will be online. The World Press Photo Foundation is based in Amsterdam (for more information see: World Press Photo

ICORN resident writers – are also journalists

Last week, writers from all over Norway gathered in Oslo. They share being persecuted in their own countries, and have found a safe place in one of Norway’s cities of refuge, through ICORN. Some of them are journalists, too, and JMIC had a small workshop with ten writers-journalists discussing experiences, job opportunities and journalism in Norway.

Third prize in College Photographer of the Year

He received the price for the story about the 9-year-old Chinese ping-pong-talent Huang´s life as a student at Dondan Academy in Beijing (the film)

The video was a part of his graduation project created during the course in International Reporting, which is a part of the Bachelor’s Programme in photojournalism.

The College Photographer of the Year (COPY) competition is the world’s biggest photojournalistic competition for college students.

The jury had to go through 11 000 images and 140 multimedia projects entered by 494 student photographers from 123 colleges and universities in 22 countries  (read more) 


Conference opened on the International Day to end Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists

The Conference “Safety of journalists covering conflict & sensitive issues” opened 2. November with participants from 32 countries. Initially, the Secretary of state Tone Skogen from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that journalists were key agents of democracy and freedom and praised the partnership with HiOA. Furthermore, she emphasized the need to combat systemic impunity when it comes to assaults against journalists. She was joined by representatives from UNESCO (Rachel Pollack), Free Expression Foundation (Knut Olav Åmås), the Norwegian Union of Journalists (Eva Stabell) and Benedicte Giæver from NORCAP.


Conference: Safety of journalists covering conflict & sensitive issues

The conference is organized by the research group MEKK and will have participants from 30 countries from all continents. Several plenaries on a wide range of issues, as well as appr 40 paper presentations will take place. In addition there will be a book launch (“Shared Horizons. Negotiating Journalism, Core Values and Cultural Diversities”) and a film screening (“Velvet Revolution”, on women journalists at risk). More news from the conference will follow.

Below: The conference Committee: Welcome!

Conference on Religious Minorities´ Self-Representations

Elisabeth Eide gave a keynote at a conference with the above title at the University of Utrecht, Holland. She presented elements of the history of media coverage of Muslim women in Norway, and a very recent study on the media coverage of “The Shameless Girls” – a new network of young women challenging honour and shame cultures.

Teaching “access to information” in Nairobi

Henry Maina in Article 19 during the workshop on access to information as a journalistic tool in  Nairobi
Norwegian investigative journalist Tarjei Leer-Salvesen at the workshop on access to information as a journalistic tool in NairobiTogether with Article 19 Eastern Africa, JMIC has organized a workshop on access to information as a journalistic tool in Nairobi for 30 investigative journalists from the region.

The workshop is a follow-up of a similar workshop last year, by the Norwegian investigative journalist Tarjei Leer-Salvesen. This time also his colleague Maren Sæbø has joined.

Similar workshops are planned in North Africa and South Asia later this year together with the local Article 19 offices – with funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Access to information is part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (16.10). It is also one of the main pillars of the Norwegian strategy for freedom of expression and independent media in foreign and development policy.

JMIC received a two-year grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs this summer to “help strengthen the democratic public through collaboration with good institutions in the global South which educate journalists.” The grant provides opportunities to continue the longstanding cooperation with partners in the south worldwide.


Fotojournalistika for Azerbaijani students

They are produced as a part of the the Council of Europe/European Union Joint project on “Freedom of expression and media freedom in Azerbaijan”, which is part of the Partnership for Good Governance for Eastern Partnership countries.

Together with the Azerbaijani colleagues Ibrahimpasha Babayev, Aynur Bashirov and Aliakhbar Muradov, Jon Petter Evensen from the Photojournalism program at HiOA has written the Photojournalism textbook Fotojournalistika. (more…)

Albania re-visited

Rune Ottosen to the right, Besnik Baka in the middle and Richard van der Brink to the left – with the new Albania book on the table.

As a former tourist in the country, Ottosen talked about his blindness for oppression. Together with Besnik Baka, an Albanian journalist and translator, he has documented oppression, political assassinations and imprisonment during the regime of Enver Hoxha.


 Meanwhile in China


Meanwhile  is one of two Norwegian exhibitions on display during the 7th Dali International Photography Exhibition (DIPE).

The HiOA photojournalism alumnis Knut Egil Wang and Eivind Natvig are part of a joint Norwegian exhibition with colleague Helge Skodvin.

HiOA faculty member Jon Petter Evensen participated in this year’s DIPE-forum round table discussion on how to use festivals as a platform to support and develop education in photography, together with the HiOA partners Shahidul Alam from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Bangladesh and Liui Bao from Mino Art Center in China.

The Meanwhile exhibition on display in Dali
Head of the DIPE organizing committee Lihui Bao in the exhibition hall in Dali