Making Transparency Possible – Interdisciplinary Dialogues

Conference at OsloMet 16th February 2018

Global Intermedia Dialogue

The Global Inter Media Dialogue (GIMD) project originates from a series of transnational conferences on freedom of expression and the responsibilities of the media in a globalized world, in the aftermath of the so-called “Cartoon Controversy” (2006-2008). The aim of the conferences was to enhance dialogue and understanding across geographical, cultural and religious divides. Read more

Strengthening Media in Post-Conflict Societies Uganda, South Sudan, Nepal and Norway

Financed by NORAD. Project co-ordinator: Kristin Orgeret. Read more

Intercultural Communication Linkage Programme

Emphasis: Indigenous people. Financed by NORAD. Project co-ordinator: Roy Krøvel. Read more

Mobile flight – The impact of cell phones for refugees underway to Europe

Project leader: Elisabeth Eide

Project co-workers: Afshin Ismaeli, Amin Senatorzade. Read more

The Journalist Security Project

The Journalist Security project at JM/HiOA is the result of global research and networking through three years of funding from the Norwegian UNESCO Commission. Organizing collaborative work across borders, the project has carried out a study about journalist safety in seven countries across four continents. Read more