Through funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Global Inter Media Dialogue (GIMD) project at JM/HiOA followed up the intentions of Conferences, which started during the “cartoon crisis” (2006), and created a network of partners. The project has since organized exchange programs for media educators, doctoral students and researchers as well as a number of transnational conferences, thereby bringing together working journalists, and journalism and media academics. The activities have proved to be important in building bridges between the transnational and the local scene by providing fora for the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Past Conferences:

Ten Years Debating Freedom of Expression – Looking Back, Looking Forward in Jakarta 23 – 25 January 2017.

Appr. 40 participants – both journalists and media academics – from twelve countries gathered to discuss themes such as Hate Speech – Social media, Media and Marginalization – Gender, Religious, Ethnic and Sexual Minorities, Dialogue vs Confrontation, 20 Years after Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations”, Terrorism – Extremism, The Post-Truth Era?– and last, but not least: How free is fiction? Literature and limits.

Media coverage about the conference and the election in the Jakarta Post, The Star, Ethical Journalism Network and Aftenposten (Norwegian).

Videos about the Conference: Behind the Scene GIMD, Global Inter Media Dialogue (GMID) 2017 and GLOBAL INTERMEDIATE DIALOGUE IN FISIP UI #EventMOA


Shared Horizons’ workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, July 2016: Core values in journalism, press freedom and freedom of expression

The transnational development- and research project Shared Horizons arranged a workshop with researchers and journalism teachers, journalism students and journalists. On the agenda was journalism core values, press freedom and freedom of expression and threats to these rights.

The aim was to include students and former students more directly into the project, which earlier has given them small research scholarships for investigations in the main topics of the Shared Horizons’ project. The (former) students presented their previous work with topics such as when caricatures meet resistance, if religion matters in the question of press freedom and freedom of expression, the killing of the bloggers in Bangladesh, the post-revolution challenges for press freedom in Tunisia, as well as core values and news values in journalism in the three different countries. The teachers/researchers in Shared Horizons contributed with their research. With this as a starting point, the participants discussed and worked on plans towards an anthology with the working title “Negotiating Journalism. Core Values and Cultural Diversities”.

All participants are or has been connected to Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, University of Dhaka (UD), Bangladesh, Institut de Presse et des Sciences de l’Information (IPSI), Université de la Manouba, Tunisia or Department of Journalism and media studies (JM), Faculty of Social Sciences, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway 

March 7-9 2016: THE GROWTH OF TRANSNATIONAL EXTREMISM – AND JOURNALISTIC CHALLENGES (30 participants from 10 countries)

Read the report from the conference

From one of the many discussions (Photo: ee)

Conference in Tunisia December 2014: Women, Democracy and the Media, Political Participation and Freedom of Expression

Conference in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, January 2013: Presenting the book Media meets Climate

Reference and review of the book is available under publications