Selected publications

UNESCO publishes a handbook on journalism, fake news and disinformation. You can download it here:




Whistleblowers and journalistic ideals: Surveillance, Snowden and the meta-coverage of journalism. (Elisabeth Eide and Risto Kunelius)

Northern Lights: Film and Media Studies Yearbook was first published in 2002 and places particular emphasis on film, television and new media. The yearbook, although carrying a theme each issue, welcomes a broad range of articles along with shorter review pieces.



Frey, Elsebeth; Rhaman Mofiz; El Bour, Hamida (eds. 2017) Negotiating Journalism. Core Values and Cultural Diversities. Gothenburg: Nordicom Open access publication. Chapters from Authors in Bangladesh, Tunisia and Norway.






Carlsson, Ulla & Poyhtari, Reeta (eds. 2017) The Assault on Journalism. Building Knowledge to Protect Freedom of Expression. Gothenburg, Nordicom.

(JMIC contributions from Rune Ottosen, Roy Krøvel, Trond Idås & Elisabeth Eide). Chapters on Afghanistan, Australia, Colombia, India, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Turkey, and a wide range of transnational approaches. Open Access publication.



Kunelius, R. et al (eds. 2017) Journalism and the NSA Revelations. Privacy, Security and the Press. Oxford: I.B. Tauris.



Eide, Elisabeth; Ismaeli, Afshin; Senatorzade, Amin (2017): På flukt med mobiltelefon : en dyrebar følgesvenn». Pax Forlag.








Kunelius, R.; Eide, E.; Tegelberg, M.; Yagodin, D. (Eds.) (2016): Media and Global Climate Knowledge. Journalism and the IPCC. Palgrave Macmillan.







Lippe, Berit von der; Ottosen, Rune (2016): Gendering War and Peace Reporting. Some Insights – Some Missing Links. Nordicom. Open Access publication. Selected Chapters:

  • Høiby, Marte: “Sexual Violence against Journalists in Conflict Zones. Gendered Practices and Cultures in the Newsroom”
  • Eide, Elisabeth: ” War and Women’s Voices. The Gender Approach of Afghanistan’s Largest News Agency”
  • Orgeret, Kristin Skare: “Is Peace a Smiling Woman? Femininities and Masculinities in Conflict and Peace Coverage”


Eide, Elisabeth; Lånkan, Kjersti Blehr (2016): Autonomous journalists and anonymous politicians? – Norwegian media coverage of the NSA surveillance and the «Snowden Affair». Norsk Medietidsskrift 03 / 2016 (Volum 22).


Orgeret, Kristin (2016): Cheap clothes: Distant disasters. Journalism turning suffering into practical action. Journalism, October 5, 2016. (On media coverage of the Rana Tower catastrophe in Bangladesh).


Eide, Elisabeth (2016): Lectures en contrepoint. Caricatures et contextes d’interprétations. Communication & langages, Volume 2016/Numéro 187, pp 31-46.



Carlsson, Ulla (ed.) (2016): Freedom of expression and media in transition: studies and reflections in the digital age. Gothenburg: Nordicom. Open access publication. Selected chapters:

  • Rønning, Helge: On Press Freedom and Other Media Freedoms.
  • Eide, Elisabeth: Threatened Source Protection. Freedom of Expression and extremist adversaries.
  • Orgeret, Kristin: Women in War. Challenges and Possibilities for female journalists covering wars and conflicts.
  • Høiby, Marte & Ottosen, Rune: Reduced Security for Journalists an Less Reporting from the Frontline.



Orgeret, Kristin and Tayeebwa, William (eds.) (2016): Journalism in conflict and post conflict conditions. Worldwide perspectives. Open access publication. Gothenburg: Nordicom. Selected chapters:

  • Orgeret, Kristin: Journalism in conflict and post conflict conditions. Worldwide perspectives.
  • Eide, Elisabeth: Afghanistan. Journalism in Pseudo-Post-Conflict. Conflict and Post-Conflict: A Clash of Definitions?
  • Ottosen, Rune and Øvrebø, Sjur: Who´s to Blame for the Chaos in Syria? The Coverage of Syria in Aftenposten with Libya as Doxa.
  • Krøvel, Roy: Global and Local Journalism and the Norwegian Collective Imagination of “Post-Conflict” Colombia.
  • Frey, Elsebeth: Improving Post-Conflict Journalism through Three Dances of Trauma Studies.
  • Simonsen, Anne Hege: Moving Forward, Holding On. The Role of Photojournalistic Images in the Aftermath of Crisis.

Schäfer, Mike; Berglez, Peter; Wessler, Hartmut; Eide, Elisabeth; Nerlich, Brigitte; O’Neill, Saffron (2016): Investigating mediated climate change communication: A best-practice guide. Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication, Research Reports No. 6, 2016.

Høiby, Marte Havikbotn; Ottosen, Rune (2015): Journalism under Pressure: A mapping of editorial policies for journalists covering conflict. Oslo: Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus 2015

Eide, Elisabeth; Kunelius, Risto (eds.) (2012). Media Meets Climate. The Global Challenge for Journalism. Nordicom. Review: