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A Fredskorpset project

Visit from HiOA

This week Kyambogo University hosted a delegation from Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA).

They came to evaluate the FK—exchange program and visit practical placement institutions for their students.

HiOA are sending exchange student every semester. This week we also had a farewell dinner for those students that have been here this semester.

HiOA and KyU has a long lasting collaboration and visits are always productive, busy and fun.

International IAU conference in Ghana

Last week the International Associations of Universities (IAU) arranged an international conference in Accra, Ghana. The topic where “leadership for a changing public-private higher education funding landscape”. Kyambogo University was well represented with two from the International Relations Office, the Vice Chancellor and the Dean of School of Management and Entrepreneurship.

The conference addressed interesting topic and was a great arena to create new contacts to help expand the international network of Kyambogo University. Now we have many new names to contact and the work of building a relationship with them have just started.

As an exchange staff you sometimes have to stop to realize how lucky you are that gets to do your job in a different part of the world. Leaving Uganda for some days and going to Ghana gave me a little bit of a thing I miss from home, the sea 🙂 At the same time talking to everyone at the conference (yes, they all find it very interesting that the white lady represents a University from Uganda) gave me a greater appreciation of what I get to do every day.

P.S. University of Ghana is beautiful and Ghana (the little I got to see) is amazing!


Visit from University of Applied Sciences Mainz

A part of the job when building an International Relations Office is to get new international relations. As a part of this work we received three visitors from Mainz University of Applied Sciences Mainz. We enjoyed showing them around our campus and agreed to continue the collaboration. We are looking forward to exploring the possibility of summer schools and other interesting projects together.

Welcome week number two :)

Last week we received three new international students making it five in total. As always we arranged a welcome week to show them Kampala and how life is like here. We are also taking them to placement institutions and introducing them to all the people they will work with during their stay at Kyambogo University.

We visited the kings palace and the torture chambers of Idi Amin, that are on the same grounds.




We also attended the swearing in of all new students.




On Saturday all the International students joined us for a trip out of town and to the Source of the Nile in Jinja.

On the way to Jinja we pass many beautiful tea plantations

Where lake Victoria ends and the river Nile starts. We were guided around the river and enjoyed the Ugandan sun before we had local fish for dinner.






The last part of the Welcome week is to meet with all the practice placement institutions and contact persons at Kyambogo and agree on a timetable that everyone are happy with. So now the students are a bit more ready for life in Kampala and we are sure they will have a great stay!


Thru the year the FK-staff have different projects. One of them have been to renew the outdoor area on a school at our campus. Learning thru play is one of the main objectives for the FK-staff on early childhood development and that leads to many fun projects.

The kids are involved 🙂

Twice the fun, twice the mess 🙂

Nyege Nyege Festival

This weekend the Nyege Nyege festival took place in Jinja. All the FK-staff and exchange students took a weekend away from Kampala and traveled the two hours to Jinja. This city is a well known weekend getaway, since it is much quieter then Kampala and you have lots of activities like rafting, riding or just relaxing at one of the many resorts. Jinja is also the place most Ugandan’s refer to as “the source of the Nile”, since the river Nile starts where lake Victoria ends. By the river bank they have set up 4 stages and in a fairytale venue it was great music and happy people from Thursday evening to Monday morning. We left on Sunday to  get back in time for work, but enjoyed colors, music and meeting new people by the source of the Nile.

In the evening the venue turned into a little wonderland.

The music stopped around 7 a.m and started again at mid-day, but in between there was some quiet hours to relax by the Nile

To get the total festival experience we had our share of rain during daytime, giving us the opportunity to skate around in mud.

The artist were from Europe, Asia and Africa and as you see of all ages.


New PhD students

This week we are receiving new PhD students to the Education Science for Teacher Education program at Kyambogo University. It is a collaboration between Oslo and Akershus University College and Kyambogo University, that is sponsored by NORAD. This first week they will get to know each other and start on their first course together, Philosophy of Science, Research methodologies and Ethics. The International Relations Office are next door, being so close we get to know some of the students and hear how engaged they are in their fields. Meeting new students and discussing things with them makes us better and more engaged.

You can read more about the program here:


Uganda, the home of the Mountain Gorilla

Uganda is one of three countries in the world that has mountain gorillas. Visiting them is one of the things that brings tourists to the country and  as FK-participants this is a good weekend activity. It is quite pricey, but a once in a lifetime experience. The money also goes back to the community and helps preserve the animals. The mountain gorillas are critically endangered with only 880 left in the world. They get get up to 200 kg, so they are quite a bit bigger then the monkeys we usually see around campus.

To find them I went to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the South-West of Uganda. Here you can find a bit less than half of the worlds population. The rest you can find in the Virunga Mountains on the boarder between Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The forest is thick so you need to dress for the occasion, cover up your arms and legs, it is also recommended to wear glows. The guides will take you into the forest where the scouts have last seen the gorillas. After a bit more than an hour walk (can be up to three) we found a little family.

You should keep at least 7 meters away, but at some point one of the kids walked right towards us, so we got much closer. You stay with them for one hour before you head back to camp.

If you can spear the money this is a very different “søndagstur”.

New International students from HiOA

Last week we welcomed two new students from HiOA to Kyambogo University (KyU). All International students are starting their stay at KyU with a welcome week.

We toured campus and the local neighborhood, Banda. We have eaten local food and been at the busy Owino market, to really get a feel of the Kampala life. We have also visited the placement institution where the students will have their practical placement and enjoyed some culture at Ndere center. The next group of students are coming in September and then we will add on some extra activities for the entire group.

The 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference

Last week we had the 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference at Kyambogo University (KyU). The topic was “Internationalization of Higher Education Sustainable Development”. The first lady of Uganda came to open the conference and the International relations office was present to promote themselves for our guest.

Fun fact for those who does not know; two of the staff at the International Relations office at KyU are exchange staff from HiOA thru Fredskorpset. It was three very interesting days and we got many new contacts from around Africa and Europe. Now we are looking forward to contacting them and creating new relations and exiting project. We also got to inform many of the KyU staff about how we can assist them and became a part of many pictures as “the face of the conference”.


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