The Living Technology lab at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design at OsloMet is a unique environment, with strong collaboration across technology and art.

Technology is becoming more and more alive, by incorporating functions of living systems such as evolution, self-repair, self-reproduction, intelligence, and learning. Studying such novel technologies requires a truly multidisciplinary approach.

By researching at the boundary of science, fiction and art, we seek to explore future (speculative) scenarios at the intersection of biological life and artificial life, and to carry out research towards their practical realization.

Here is a presentation poster of our lab: PosterLTLab



Our lab is located in room P35-PS340, Pilestredet 35, 0166, Oslo.
For more info contact Stefano Nichele (stefano.nichele@oslomet.no) or Christina Ellingsen (s237547@oslomet.no).



Collaborating Departments and Labs:
– Computer Science
– Art, Design, and Drama
– Mechanical, Electronics, Chemical Eng.
– OsloMet Makerspace


OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University (former HiOA) is Norway’s third largest university, with more than 20,000 students and over 2000 employees. We conduct research in areas that are important for welfare and value creation, for instance health, education, social sciences, technology and design.