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The violation of International Law in New Wars

The reasons for the growth of ISIL are complex. There is no doubt however, that the chaos in Iraq after the invasion created a basis for Islamist extremism, writes Rune Ottosen in a chronicle, published in the national newspaper, Aftenposten, 22.04.17. Ottosen has criticized Norwegian media of neglecting to mention international law when covering topics of Norwegian participation in “New Wars”.

After the cruel gas attack in Syria, our two main political leaders, Erna Solberg and Jonas Gahr Støre, praised Donald Trump´s response. The US Secretary of State does not have firm evidence that President Assad is behind the gas attack, but says it is “likely” that he is behind it. Evidence of this, however, would not stand in Norwegian court, writes Ottosen, and continues, “Still our leading politicians, as well as Aftenposten, found it to  be sufficient  to take action against Syria, as they also did in Irak. Claiming simultanously that our foreign policy is founded in International Law. As we stand in front of an election campaign, Ottosen challenges journalists to question the issues he raises in this chronicle. Read the whole article:
Det er en sammenheng mellom den folkestridige invasjonen av Irak og framveksten av IS. 

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