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Invitation to join “Journalism and Media Center (JMIC)”

Head, Elisabeth Eide
Co-ordinator, Oona Solberg

JMIC aspires to connect journalists and academics within specific countries and between countries, especially in the global South, through exchange programs, educational courses, conferences and publications.

Head of JMIC, and also member of MEKK, Elisabeth Eide, and co-ordinator at the center, Oona Solberg, encourage both journalists and academics to be a part of the international network. Get the latest news by subscribing to JMIC´s blog.

The center provides free resources such as publications and innovative transnational teaching methods. JMIC contributes towards exchanging educational material and research literature between partners. If you want to share your latest research or have other relevant contributions -send an e-mail to Eide or Solberg! Check out the free resource site here: Collaborative Journalism

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