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How can Tunisian journalists safely cover demonstrations?

This was just one of the safety issues that was discussed in the three day security course: Safety for journalists in hostile environments, that took place in Tunisia last week. Such coverage is still highly relevant to the context in which Tunisian journalists find themselves in, as demonstrations continue to take place seven years after the Tunisian revolution.

The training was a cooperation between OsloMet’s JMIC, Tunisian IPSI and Article 19. Trainers on the course were former war-correspondent Abeer Saady from Egypt, MEKK member and doctoral researcher Marte Høiby from Norway and professor Amine Ben Massoud from Tunisia.

Local and regional examples were discussed throughout the three days of training.The participants learned about identifying risks and risk management while working in hostile environments. They also focused on the best practices in field and the ethical challenges and dilemmas relevant to safety. Students were introduced to practical exercises with role plays and selected cases.

Furthermore, the training dealt with psychosocial safety and trauma, working undercover and challenges of dealing with violence and armed Jihadi groups.



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