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MEKK’s Prof. Rune Ottosen in Kampala

Live from Professor Rune Ottosen in Kampala:

“The last few days I had the pleasure of teaching master students at Makerere University in Kampala on my favourite subject War and Peace journalism. The students are well informed and interested in the subject. We have interesting discussion. They are engaged and ask me provocative questions. More than my Norwegian students I must say. But I love it. This is real communication. In the last lecture I had problems hearing my own voice because there is campaign for students elections outside the window. Hundreds of students are rallying for their candidates in democratic elections. Loudspeakers are dominating the campus and I have to raise my voice. Even if I am a bit disturbed I am happy. What engagement – what enthusiasm.

Returning to my hotel room I watch CNN. Trump has fired his Secretary of state on Twitter. The Norwegian news media are preoccupied with our minister of law who has published a provocative statement on Facebook hoping this will help her anti-immigrant agenda. I ask myself if the hope of our future is just here. I hope the students of Makerere represent our common future.”

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