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Media coverage of the crisis in Venezuela

MEKK member Ingrid Fadnes will participate in a panel debate on the current crisis in Venezuela Thursday 28th of January at the University in Oslo.

The Latin American groups at Blindern (LAG Blindern) and Machiavelli (the society for events at political science) invites to a lecture and a panel discussion with the purpose of understanding the situation in Venezuela.

Program starts at 17:00
– The situation in Venezuela from a Geopolitical view, with Antulio Rosales
– What’s happening from a feminist civil society perspective, with Masaya Llavaneras-Blanco
– The media’s role and coverage of the situation, with Ingrid Fadnes

Fadnes will give an overview of how the Norwegian press have covered the crisis in Venezuela in January and February this year. Latin America has a very low visibility in the Norwegian media, but during the last two month Venezuela is peeking on the statistics. The average is 14 news articles on Venezuela every day. Both Juan Guaidó and Nicolas Maduro are mentioned more often than presidents like Erdoğan and Putin.


Link to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/982702545264248/

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