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Global Journalism: Conflict, Safety and Peace

The Master course Global Journalism: Conflict, Safety and Peace started out on Monday 25th. The course is a part of the Master in Journalism at the OsloMet. During this week and the second week of April there will be daily lectures at the OsloMet. This year students from 11 countries have signed up for the course.

Participants from Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Uganda, Marocco, Indonesia & Russia.

The course aims at developing advanced competence when it comes to critical research traditions related to post-colonial studies, for example Orientalism and Occidentalism critique, theories of nation and identities, migrancy and transnationalism. Students will also acquire competence in analyzing the links between globalization processes and ethnical dimensions within and between nations and regions. The role of safety for journalists covering war and conflicts is central to the course.


Professor Rune Ottosen lecturing on War and Peace journalism

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