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Workshop with safety experts from the New York Times

The annual Conference on the Safety of Journalists starts on November 2nd (UN International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists) which is also the day before the US presidential elections. The safety of journalists in the US is under threat. Consequently, we open the conference with a workshop with safety experts from the New York Times:

“The Blended Threat Model: Our adversaries don’t distinguish between digital and physical threats, why should we?” with Neena Kapur – Security Intelligence Manager in NYT & Donna Carrera, Threat Analyst in NYT. 

Abstract: Modern day threats against journalists span across digital and physical realms, and are conducted by actors with varying levels of resources and capabilities. In this presentation, members of The New York Times information security and physical security teams will discuss a blended threat model for comprehensively tracking and building up strong security measures in this evolving threat landscape. They’ll provide an overview of proactive protective approaches their teams have taken, and trends they are seeing in threats against journalists. 

More programme will be posted very soon. The conference will take place on digital platform November 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Please register for the Sixth Annual Conferene on the Safety of Journalists here

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