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Social media discussions in North Africa


Professor Sadok Hammami, IPSI, Manouba University and Assistant Professor Bente Kalsnes frm JMIC/HiOA spoke on fake news under the title “Social networks, extremism and freedoms.”


Journalists and researchers from Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Norway met in Tunisia 28th – 29th of November to discuss “Social Networks and Freedom: Challenges of the Maghreb”. The international workshop was a cooperation between Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) and JMIC.

MEKK-member and leader of JMIC, Elisabeth Eide opened the workshop along with Atidel Mejbri from CAWTAR and Karoline Kjeldsen from The Norwegian Embassy in Algeria.


“A disruptive and disturbing conference”

This is what Ramon Tuazon asked for at the conference Safety of Journalists Covering Conflict & Sensitive Issues. This is what he got:













Eide asks for a more humanitarian refugee policy

MEKK-member and professor Elisabeth Eide published a commentary about the lack of humanitiarianism in Norwegian refugee policy. The chronic was published in Bergens Tidende as a response to refugee Leila Bayat, who despite of pleading for asylum, was deported by the Norwegian government to Iran, where she received a penalty of 80 lashes by the Iranian government for a minor crime.


The importance of protecting journalism

ResearchPeople who exercise their right to freedom of expression through journalism are constant targets of violence and threats. In an era of globalization and digitization, no single party can carry the responsibility for protection of journalism ad freedom of expression alone. Instead, this responsibility must be assumed jointly by the state, the courts, media companies and journalist organizations, as well as by NGOs and civil society – on national as well as global levels.


The meaning of global citizenship in countries of transition

Elisabeth Eide giving speech on Global Citizenship

Professor and MEKK member Elisabeth Eide, recently gave the lecture «Global  citizenship» at the European Council Association of Schools of Political Studies. The large conference, gathering many people from Russia and other Eastern European countries, was vibrant with lively discussions and intriguing questions.