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“A disruptive and disturbing conference”

This is what Ramon Tuazon asked for at the conference Safety of Journalists Covering Conflict & Sensitive Issues. This is what he got:













This year´s rig on press freedom completed

HiOA’s first year journalism students have just finished this year´s online Rig on press freedom.The Rig is a multimedia workshop, created and carried out by MEKK members Elsebeth Frey and Solveig Steien, where students produce online stories about the current state of press freedom in different countries around the world. This year they examined Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Colombia, USA and Poland.


Journalistic challenges and practices when using Social Media

Photo by: Benjamin Ward

Associated Professor and MEKK member, Elsebeth Frey has contributed as coauthor to the article “Crises, Rumours and Reposts: Journalists’ Social Media Content Gathering and Verification Practices in Breaking News Situations.”

The article explores central journalistic challenges and emerging practices related to using social media (SoMe) for collecting and validating newsworthy content; and investigates how practices may contribute to a user-friendly design of a web-based SoMe content validation toolset.