NorLAG Den norske studien av livsløp, aldring og generasjon

Studies on life-course, ageing and generation

Bro med mennesker på i silhuett mot himmel. Foto:

The Norwegian study on life course, ageing and generation (NorLAG) is a multidisciplinary and longitudinal study that includes data on well-being, health, work, care, and family relations in the second half of life (age 40+).

So far, two waves of data have been collected, in 2002-03 and in 2007-08.

The second wave was merged with the international Generations and Gender Survey (GGS). The merged survey was named LOGG (the Norwegian Study on life course, generation and gender) and includes individuals aged 18+.

NorLAG and LOGG are part of the The National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure at the Research Council of Norway.

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