NorLAG Den norske studien av livsløp, aldring og generasjon

24th Nordic Gerontological Congress in Oslo

Marijke Veenstra at 24nkg

Almost 800 participants from 40 countries were gathered in Oslo May 2-4 for the 24th Nordic congress of gerontology. NOVA and Oslo Metropolitan University were among the organizers of the congress.

NOVA researchers Marijke Veenstra (Director of the Norwegian Gerontological Society) and Katharina Herlofson were members of the congress organizing commitee. Veenstra and Thomas Hansen were part of the congress scientific commitee, and Marja Aartsen was part of the Scientific commitee of the Nordic Gerontological Federation.

More information can be found on the congress webpages here.

16 NOVA researchers participated at the congress. We chaired two symposia: “Perspectives on active ageing” (Thomas Hansen) and “Older workers in an extended working life” (Tale Hellevik). In addition we lead 7 oral sessions: “Social inequalities in ageing” (Marja Aartsen), “Family and integenerational relationships” (Svein Olav Daatland), , Loneliness (Thomas Hansen), “Meet the editors” (Marja Aartsen), “Informal care” (Heidi Gautun), “Housing and living environment” (Hans Christian Sandlie) and “Work and Retirement” (Per Erik Solem). NOVA researchers presented altogether 22 papers



Aartsen, M., Hansen, T., & Slagsvold, B. Volunteering and quality of life in middle aged and older adults: Causation or Selection?

Aartsen, M. The social pattern of conflicting and low quality social relations

Aartsen, M. Pressing issues for policy and practice to reduce social exclusion

Brandt, M. & Herlofson, K. Caring for parents and grandchildren in Europe

Daatland, S. O. Interests, ideals or identifications? On the attitudes to welfare state priorities among older and younger generations in Norway

Hansen, T. & Slagsvold, B. Volunteering among middle-aged and older Norwegians: participation, motivation, and barriers

Hansen, T. & Slagsvold, B. Late-Life Loneliness in 11 European Countries: Results from the Generations and Gender Survey

Hansen, T., Aartsen, M., Slagsvold, B. & Deindl, C. (presentør). Dynamics of volunteering and life satisfaction in midlife and old age: Findings from 12 European countries

Hellevik, T. Raising average retirement age – the likelihood of unintended consequences

Gautun, H. & Hellesø, R. Safe care to older patients in the transition between hospitals and local care services

Grøtting, M. & Grasdal, A. Socioeconomic Differences in Health Depreciation over the Life Course among the Norwegian Elderly

Ingebretsen, R. Perspectives from relatives on the care of elderly immigrants with dementia

Løset, G., Aartsen, M., & Slagsvold, B. Changes in alcohol patterns: Towards gender equality in alcohol consumption

Nordbø, H. & Herlofson, K. Helping ageing parents – the role of responsibility norms and relationship quality

Nordbø, H. et al. Life-course, ageing and generations in Norway: the NorLAG study

Rostgaard, T., Kroger, T., Stranz, A., & Vabø, M. Changes in the content of care and the working conditions of care workers – impact of marketisation and reablement?

Solem, P. E.  Possible side effects of raised mandatory retirement age in Norway 

Sughara, G. & Nordvik, V. Knitting alone in the city: Oslo’s intra- and inter-urban variations in linked lives

Szebehely, M., Kroger, T., Rostgaard, T., Stranz, A., & Vabø, M. Are formal care workers a forgotten group in a Nordic ‘passion for equality’?

Vabø, M. & Drange, I. Part-time work– the great paradox of Norwegian elder care

Worm, J., Aartsen, M., Camijs, H., & Huisman, M. Patterns of cognitive decline at higher ages: Are more educated persons better off?




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