NorLAG Den norske studien av livsløp, aldring og generasjon

NorLAG på IAGG kongressen

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Ni NOVA-forskere deltar på den 9nde IAGG kongressen i Gøteborg 23-25. mai. I alt seks papers vil legges fram som benytter NorLAG data.

NOVA arrangerer to symposium:

Symposium S88 – Income Levels, Trends and Changes and the Impact on Health Inequalities in Later Life – a Nordic Perspective (Marijke Veenstra).

Symposium S111 – Volunteering in Later Life: Activity, Motivation and Barriers (Thomas Hansen)


I tillegg presenteres i alt seks papers (oral presentations) og to poster:

Marijke Veenstra: The Role of Subjective Age in Sustaining Health and Wellbeing Over Time. A 15-Year Panel Study on Felt-age and Ideal-age Discrepancies in the Second Half of Life. 

Thomas Hansen: Development of Loneliness in Midlife and Old Age: Its Nature and Correlates

Thomas Hansen: Army of volunteers? Middle-aged and older Norwegians’ participation, motivation and willingness to commit to volunteering

Hanna Vangen Nordbø, Marja Aartsen & Katharina Herlofson: How Relationship History and Responsibility Norms Matter for Provision of Care to Parents. A 10-year Follow-up of Middle-aged Daughters and Sons in Norway

Marja Aartsen & Thomas Hansen: Fifteen-year Trajectories of Loneliness in Norwegian Older Adults: A Latent Class Growth Analysis

Per Erik Solem: Component-specific intervention against ageism in working life

Hanna Vangen Nordbø mfl.: The NorLAG study: Life-course, Ageing and Generations in Norway (poster)

Tale Hellevik & Katharina Herlofson: The oldest workers and the importance of earlier work situation and retirement plans. A ten-year follow-up study from Norway (poster)








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