NorLAG Den norske studien av livsløp, aldring og generasjon

Questionnaire and documentation

Below you may download documentation reports and questionnaires (telephone interview and postal questionnaire) for NorLAG1 and NorLAG2.

The documentation reports provide descriptions of survey purposes, sample, questionnaire development, data collection and registry information. They also contain analysis of attrition, sample selection and data collection errors. Last, the reports contain several attachments (e.g., letter of consent and questionnaires).

Documentation reports (some documents only in Norwegian)
Documentation report NorLAG (includes telephone interview and postal questionnaire) IN ENGLISH
NorLAG panel easy-to-use variable names in raw file and in easy-to-use file

Questionnaire and interview (some documents only in Norwegian)
Telephone interview NorLAG1
Postal questionnaire NorLAG1
Telephone interview NorLAG2 (see p. 48-)
Postal questionnaire NorLAG2 (see p. 112-)