NorLAG Den norske studien av livsløp, aldring og generasjon

Active ageing – pathways and outcomes

Population ageing changes the balance between generations. Active ageing is therefore a key objective in developing a sustainable welfare state.

Utilizing a life course perspective and longitudinal data, this project investigates pathways and outcomes of active ageing in three domains and their interactions: the labor market (paid work), civil society (volunteerism), and the family (family care and support).

A key question is how opportunities and constraints in earlier years, and previous practices and relationships, influence activity and participation in old age:

  • Do changes in work and life conditions in the years prior to eligible pension age influence plans for and timing of retirement?
  • Does volunteering in old age substitute loss of previous productive social roles, or is volunteering primarily a continuation of earlier activity?
  • Are past patterns of involvement in intergenerational support reflected in current participation?

Another key question addresses the interplay between the three domains: Does activity in one domain compete or complement activities in other domains?

A third set of questions address the individual outcomes of participation in work, civic society and family.

The empirical analyses will build on panel data from three waves of the NorLAG study. NorLAG data consist of survey data which are linked with administrative register data. A sample of 3 700 persons aged 40+ in 2003 has been followed to 2008 and will be interviewed again in 2016, and a gross sample of 13 000 persons will be followed from wave 2008 to 2016.

Comparative (cross-national) data are available as NorLAG is included in the international Generations and Gender survey (GGS). Cooperation with the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) adds to the comparative potential of the project.

The prosject is financed by the Norwegian Research Council and is lead by Thomas Hansen.

Other NOVA-researchers in the project: Tale Hellevik, Katharina Herlofson, Thomas Hansen, Per Erik Solem, Marja Aartsen og Svein Olav Daatland. Other involved: Morten Blekesaune (Universitetet i Agder), Christian Deindl (University of Cologne) and Martina Brandt (Technical University of Dortmund).

The prosject has an advisory board that consists of 7 leading, international experts: Pearl Dykstra (Erasmus Universiteit), Giovanni Lamura (INCRA), Clemens Tesch-Römer (Deutsches Zentrum für Alterfragen), Anne Gauthier (NIDI), Sara Arber (University of Surrey), Rick Settersten (Oregon State University) and Chris Phillipson (University of Manchester).

For more information contact Thomas Hansen ( or Britt Slagsvold (


Norwegian grandparents – more engaged with grandchildren than people think
Advisory board member for municipal project to promote senior voluntarism
Symposium at the IAGG-ER Conference: “Volunteering in later life: Activity, Motivation and Barriers
Are volunteers happier? Paper referenced on SHARE webpages 
Advisory Board Meeting in Oslo Sept 20-21
Workshop on Active aging at the 24th Nordic congress of gerontology



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