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Exit Age

Policies encouraging extending working life are a major feature of public policies across all OECD countries. One measure is to increase the mandatory retirement age, which the Norwegian government recently did – the change in mandatory retirement age (from 70 to 72) came into effect July 1st 2015. The reform was controversial, and opinions regarding the consequences, for both companies and older workers, were manifold, and mostly based on assumptions. As the increase in mandatory retirement age represents a substantial labour market reform, there is an urgent need for knowledge about the implications. This includes both positive and negative, as well as both intended and unintended, consequences of the change.

The objective of the ExitAge project is to increase the knowledge about the oldest workers and their experiences, as well as how companies handle work exit and the change in mandatory retirement age. Such knowledge is essential for companies, in order to acquire competence about how to relate to the challenges and possibilities increased retirement age and an older workforce may bring about, and also for policy makers, who are planning to increase the mandatory retirement age further.


Research group

Department of Ageing Research and Housing Studies


Work Research Institute – AFI

Senter for seniorpolitikk – SSP

Arbeids- og velferdsdirektoratet – NAV

Project period

Start: 01/04/2016

End: 31/03/2019


The Research Council of Norway