London seminar

Back in Oslo after two productive days of OMEN project seminar in London with our extended research group. The first day was an intense article workshop, where ideas for academic output were discussed and developed. The next day we went uptown to Dalston, on an excursion to the online publication openDemocracy. Very interesting to hear editor Rosemary Bechler talk about their work. And to visit the Bootstrap Company’s lovely rooftop terrace!

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Master scholarships

The OMEN project is looking to include three master students in social anthropology who are interested in doing a media related master project. These three projects are meant to provide a comparative perspective on OMEN’s empirical focus which is placed on developments within the Norwegian newspaper industry. Projects that are based on fieldwork conducted in media organizations outside of a Norwegian context will thus be prioritized.

Potential field sites include local newspapers, digital media channels, social media news distribution, or emerging platforms for the production and dissemination of media content. Primary requirements for subjects of study is that the chosen media organization is located outside of a Norwegian context, and that it represents either a new and innovative approach to news/media production and dissemination, or a well-established organization struggling to adjust to the new global media landscape.

Approved applicants will be provided with a writing scholarship of NOK 25.000,-. The students will be invited to sit in the WRI/HiOA proximity during the thesis writing period. Involvement in OMEN’s project activities, such as seminars, workshops, publishing and public dissemination, is encouraged.

Based on OMEN’s time frame, we are primarily accepting applications from students who are planning to submit their thesis spring 2018. The thesis has to be written in English.

Contact: Researcher Ingrid Tolstad,, Tlf: +47 95246729

OMEN in the media

Vi ønsker å være i front av utviklingen. Det er ekstra gledelig at Sunnmøre har en sentral rolle i dette, sier ansvarlig redaktør Hanna Relling Berg. Til venstre Aina Landsverk Hagen og Arne Bygdås fra Arbeidsforskningsinstituttet. Til høyre Ivar John Erdal fra Høgskulen i Volda. FOTO: STAALE WATTØ

Skal bruke 24 millioner kroner på nyskapning i norske avishus

Forsker Øyvind Pålshaugen leder nasjonal storsatsing på å styrke innovasjonen i mediebransjen. Se hvilke tre aviser som først drar nytte av prosjektet. 

Loser media i digital tid

Det satses stort for å hjelpe mediehusene til å ta grep i en omskiftelig digital tid.

Digital prosjektgruppe i Sunnmørsposten Fra venstre: Sissel Bigset, Eirik Meling, Olav Sindre Rise, Dag-Arne Alnes, Lars Gravesen, Stig Vågnes og Liv-Jorunn Håker Ottesen Foto: Staale Wattø
Digital prosjektgruppe i Sunnmørsposten
Fra venstre: Sissel Bigset, Eirik Meling, Olav Sindre Rise, Dag-Arne Alnes, Lars Gravesen, Stig Vågnes og Liv-Jorunn Håker Ottesen
Foto: Staale Wattø

24 millioner kroner til innovasjon – med Nationen, Sunnmørsposten og Moss Avis som case

Hvordan organisere for innovasjon? Det skal OMEN-prosjektet forske på.


24 millions to Research on Innovation in Media Organisations

Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA) was recently awarded a new research project named “OMEN: Organizing for Media Innovation” by the BIA-programme in the Norwegian Research Council.

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This action research project represents a milestone in Norwegian media research as it is the first of its kind taking media house’s need for innovation in an increasingly digitalized world as a point of departure.

News organizations in Norway and internationally are increasingly focused on innovating their news products, yet they struggle to keep a steady income and are continually forced to cut in expenditures and human resources. At the same time they are infused with the traditions, practices and legacy of the established news industry.

How can one innovate in such a tight environment?

The project OMEN: Organizing for Media Innovation will address this dilemma in collaboration with partner companies Sunnmørsposten (Polaris), Nationen (Tun Media) and Moss Avis (Amedia). These are all former newspaper organizations now turning into multi-media houses experimenting with web-TV, digital storytelling and mobile location-based journalism.

The project will in particular address the challenges connected to the organizing of news production:

  • How can we find better ways of managing news production?
  • How can journalists collaborate in new ways and with new audiences?
  • How can employees’ emerging ideas inspire news production on all platforms?
  • How can everyday innovation be strengthened despite limited time and staff resources?

The project is lead by researchers from the Work Research Institute (AFI), in collaboration with Dep. Of Journalism and Media Studies (HiOA) and Volda University College. The group is skilled in action research based methods engaging field participants in joint collaboration, longitudinal field-studies and survey methods. Leading international researchers Maria Norbäck (Univ. of Gothenburg), Elena Raviola (CBS) and Stewart Clegg (Univ. of Technology, Sidney) add to the project group.

The project will develop substantial knowledge on organizational change, work life collaboration and media innovation, as well as establish new educational programs for journalists. The project group is currently working on establishing the project in collaboration with the company partners.

For information of the project contact project leader Øyvind Pålshaugen, Work Research Institute (AFI).