Måned: mars 2019

Ph.d.-night on rights

Jan Messel giving presentation on Norwegian trade unions

Jan Messel gave an overview of the trade unions in Norway.

Panel talk with trade union representatives

Panel talk with Terje Kolbjørnsen, Ingvild Nordang and Trude Sundtjønn. Moderated by Hanna Bugge (on the left).

The topic for the second Ph.d.-night was “Know your rights”. OsloMet-researcher Jan Messel gave an introduction to the history of trade unions and their development in Norway. Afterwards, representatives from Forskerforbundet, Norsk Tjenestemannslag (NTL) and Akademikerne talked about their unions’ work at OsloMet and gave some examples of cases related to ph.d.-students. The program was concluded with a panel talk where some differences between unions’ ideologies were highlighted, but all in good spirits. What they all agreed on was the importance of being affiliated with a trade union, regardless of profession or research field.


If you have any questions for the union representatives, contact Trude Sundtjønn (Akademikerne, trusun@oslomet.no), Ingvild Nordang (NTL, inor@oslomet.no) or Erik Dahlgren (Forskerforbundet, erikda@oslomet.no).

Feel free to make suggestions for the next ph.d-nights to your local representative!

Ph.d.-night: Know your rights

For and by ph.d.-students at OsloMet

Time: March 26th 2019, 16.30

Place: Deiglig Fyrhuset, Pilestredet 52


Welcome to our second Ph.D.-night at OsloMet where we address topics that are relevant for ph.d. students across programs at OsloMet. The goal of these events is to mix academic refill with an opportunity to be social outside of working hours. The program for this event will be in English.

The theme for this evening is knowing your rights. We have invited representatives from different trade unions to talk about topics that are relevant for ph.d. students and to answer questions from the audience. The trade unions that will be represented at this event is Akademikerne, Forskerforbundet and Norsk Tjenestemannslag (NTL).

An introduction to the theme of the evening will be given by Jan Messel who is a researcher at the Center for the Study of Professions at OsloMet.

You can ask questions openly during the panel talk, or you can send in questions anonymously if that is preferable. Go to www.menti.com/ and enter the code 16 96 85 to submit an anonymous question. You can submit questions in advance and during the event.


16.30: Pizza (Free!)

17.00: Jan Messel gives an introduction to trade unions in Norway

17.20: Trade union representatives talk about their unions’ work with cases that translate to ph.d. students’ working day and future career.

18.00: Short break

18.15: Panel talk with questions from the audience.

18.45: You’re free to mingle as you like, the bar is open for purchases

We look forward to seeing you there!

PhD-forum at OsloMet

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