Måned: oktober 2019

Work life after the PhD?

– Do you ever wonder what you are going to do when you finish your PhD?

– Would you like career counseling at OsloMet?

– Do you wonder how to build a research career, and what transferable skills you actually have?

Next week, at the Research Career Day 2019 you might get some valuable input on that. More info and sign up for the event here: https://ansatt.oslomet.no/hva-skjer/-/aktivitet/phd-career-day. This event is planned by FoU, HR og OsloMet Career.

Time: 31st of October at 8.30-15.00

Also, check out OsloMet courses on transferable skills and career development this fall at OsloMet: https://ansatt.oslomet.no/kurs-generiske-ferdigheter


PhD-night on Mental Health

On September 23th the fourth PhD-night was arranged. Around 35 PhD-students and representatives from Human Resources (HR) gathered at Fyrhuset to learn more about mental health for PhD-students. The topic of balancing work and private life is a well known challenge for most of us and was mentioned by all contributors.

A series of presentations with different perspectives on mental health were held. Magnus Blystad (PhD-forum representative) had a brief introduction on the prevalence of depression and anxiety among graduate students. Afterwards, Anna Runesson informed about the work by the clerical services. PhD-students are welcome to discuss both low threshold themes and themes of more serious nature, regardless of philosophy of life or religious belief. She has shared a summary of her presentation.

Tone Vang from Stamina Helse.

Finally, Tone Vang from Stamina Helse (the occupational health service/bedriftshelsetjenesten) gave a presentation on the stressing factors PhD candidates meet and the importance of distinguishing between work and private life to give oneself some breaks. She also pointed out that stress and anxiety are normal healthy reactions, but if they take over too much of your life, you might want to seek help. OsloMet collaborates with Stamina to assist the employer, employee and safety representative in their work to create safe and healthy working conditions. Contact your leader, safety delegate (verneombud) or the union representative (tillitsvalgt)  if you need to talk to someone.

We look forward to seeing you on the next PhD-night themed “The public defence”.

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