Måned: november 2019

PhD-night: The trial lecture and the public defence

Welcome to the last PhD night of this semester on December 10th. This evening we will address the trial lecture and public defence. What happens between handing in your dissertation and the defence? How does the opponent decide the theme of the trial lecture? What does the opponent look for in the defence? Moreover, how did the PhD-student spend the last two weeks preparing for the trial lecture and defence?

We have invited an administrative facilitator, an opponent and a former PhD student to share their experiences with the trial lecture and the defence. Thus, providing you with the tips for a successful disputation!

There will be time for questions after each talk.


Time:  Tuesday December 10th, 16.30

Place: Deiglig Fyrhuset, Pilestredet 52



16.30: Pizza (free)

17.00-17.20: Kim Henrik Ruud (senior advisor, research and development) – The formal setting for the trial lecture and public defence

17.20-17.50: Haakon Meyer (professor and experienced opponent) – The trial lecture and public defence from the opponent’s point of view

17.50: Short break

18.00-18.30: Jamie Johnston (associate professor and former PhD-student) – The trial lecture and public defence from the PhD student’s point of view

Also, check out the Facebook event in the group “PhD life at OsloMet”: https://www.facebook.com/events/510206202909960/

New members in PhD-forum 

We are happy to welcome three new members to our Ph.d.-forum!  

Anna Nishchyk is the first ph.d.-candidate to represent Engineering Science in our forum. Her research is on Augmented reality technologies and its use for fall prevention among elderly people.  

Karoline Madsen represents Health Sciences and is taking over the position in Ph.d.-forum after Runa Kalleson. Karoline is basing her PhD on user led research and her specific research topic will be decided in collaboration with patient, next of kins and municipal employees. 

Olga Serediak represents Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS) and takes over after Andreea Alecu. Olga’s research is on labour market outcomes of higher education undertaken abroad. 

To find out who is representing your program, look at the Members page.

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