To be a platform for presenting and discussing problems and ideas within the topic of professional ethics. We want the bar for participation to be low enough that discussion of ideas still in development is encouraged.

A long term goal is to be a resource for professionals and others who are curious about professional ethics.


Professional Ethics is affiliated with the Center for the Study of Professions (SPS) at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. SPS is a multidisciplinary research center where researchers from a wide variety of fields  study questions relating to the professions.


Professional Ethics was launched on May 3rd 2017.


The blog is edited by Ainar Petersen Miyata (ainar-petersen.miyata@hioa.no), PhD Candidate at SPS and part of the research project Autonomy and Manipulation: Enhancing Consent in the Health Care Context.

My main research interest is nudging and its relationship to autonomy and informed consent.