RESCUE research on social media and collaborative software use in emergencies (2014-2017)

Closer to the (Cutting) Edge: workshop in Berlin

by evagold

On the 28th and 29th of April 2016, the project partners got together for our regular consortial meeting in Berlin for a stimulating workshop with good discussions and very promising work in terms of the case studies and the development of the tool.

Not only case study updates and challenges including strategies for completing the activities were presented and thematised, also insights concerning the development of the tool were brought to us. Prototype developer Jørn from Bengler joint us, introducing the prototype. We are really looking forward to further development of the tool by him and Bengler elaborating on the work with WP 6.

On the way to developing a prototype input from the different cases, as well as collaboration with Klas and the Åbo akademi team was essential. In Berlin, Klas updated the group with results on the usability tests from the lab to gain a better understanding of the process and the needs related to the tool.

The workshop ended with a rich discussion and peer-feedback session of the multiple research papers in progress. Last but not least we received good news before leaving Berlin: our ECREA (6th European Communication Conference) panel has been accepted.

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